Like the many planes of a diamond, so are the facets that make up your unique character.

To embrace your individuality, sometimes you gotta lift the hood of your own mind. 〰️

Your experiences, influences, perceptions, understandings, tendencies, desires, inclinations, motivations, predominant thoughts, ideas, beliefs, causes for certain emotions, sensations, habits, skills, interests, preferences, boundaries, the things you value most, what you strive to achieve, how you solve problems, the ways you interact with your environment, where you've been, where you're going, why you are the way you are... It's all stuff worth considering.

But to truly grasp it all, you need to open your mind to see perspectives other than your modus operandi because your brain is naturally limited by its conditioning... and for the record, none of us are exempt from this psychological paradigm of the human condition.

A conditioned mind is like a box of thoughts, similar to a filing cabinet that's filled with information you've collected over the years. 🧠🗃️👈 When this type of mind is confronted with a question or problem, it can only be answered from the contents it has within the "box." It can only look up to the walls of the box, and no farther.

However, when you are able to "think outside of the box," you can see beyond what you think you know... To do so, you must be willing to consciously surpass your conditioned mind. Therefore, you have to get comfortable coming to terms with the idea that you may have fundamentally wrong beliefs about the way of the world.

Sigmund Freud described neurosis as "an inability to handle ambivalence, ambiguity, paradox, irony or contradiction." 

👆 I like this definition because it condones the notion that there are infinite ways in every moment to create meaningful connections.

When you free your mind from the prism of your own conditions, you're granted a higher perspective and opportunities for growth become clearer.

This glimpse allows you the ability to make choices more purposefully, rather than base decisions off incomplete information you've been programmed with subconsciously or unknowingly all your life, thus empowering you to create content custom designed to suit your true essence.

The more you practice a creative process that implements self-mastery, you start to realize that who you are is actually far greater than the sum of the parts you choose to express, and how what you decide to share is integrally interconnected to everything else.


Why do I promote self-discovery?


Because that's how I help distinguish clients' offerings with authority and authenticity. I take the complexity of their unique business endeavors, and distill it to clear, easy-to-digest bits of communication that land in resonating hearts. 💗

Simply put, people work with those they know, like and trust. 

When someone opens up to share their story, you discover a universe within them. It's a space of creativity and endless potential to expand into something that will be important for many more people to experience. 

Help others get on your unique level of awareness by expressing yourself intentionally with purpose.

To be known - you have to participate and interact with relevant audiences. Make a conscious effort to open up and share your personal knowledge, expertise and whatever else you stand for or bring to the table.

To be liked - your message should be well-received, which typically means your story benefits your listeners. Whether you're providing entertainment or education, your content should, in some way, enhance the experience of others, not just add noise.

To be trusted - practice consistent behavior. No one wants involvement in business with someone they cannot predict the behavior of longterm. Even if this means being consistently inconsistent or continuously experimental, as to teach people to never know what to expect from you.

Is the presentation of your character determined by a genuine desire for authentic expression?

If you would like to dive deeper into the facets that make you distinguishable from others alike, let's schedule a 1-on-1 strategy session. We will gain clarity into what points to emphasize in your communications. I can't wait to hear from you!